Thursday, May 28, 2009

Remember. I said MOCK THEM!

I just watched some vid of Tancredo doubling down on the stupid shit he said the other day, from Rick Sanchez's show, and got to thinking . . . what the fuck? Don't these bitches read my blog?

Of course they don't. But you don't have to hear it from me to get it, that you do not do anything at all to reinforce the crazy person's crazy thinking. Even asking these crazy bastids to be on the show is bad. The mere fact they are getting the exposure sorta explains why them who really might not be as fucking stupid as they look and sound do this shit. It doesn't matter to them if they look and sound crazy as long as they get the talking points out.

Likewise, don't roll the audio or the video. Again, this is classic Communications 101, shit. Ya repeat the lie and you legitimize it more, if you at all treat it as if it is not anything but a gross lie.

Stomp on that shit. Piss on it. But do not act like it is at all reasonable to call a Latina a racist because she happened to notice and remark on the fact that she indeed is not a white man.

Fuck that shit. It needs to stop!


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