Saturday, May 30, 2009

Props to DaGoosman, Hannity Message Board Moderator

For banning a particularly odious redneck for suggesting guillotining members of Congress.

Yes, the hate and bile can get sorta nasty over there, but there are limits.

Now if only they could flush out, at least, all the Neo Confederate trash there who talk about Succession.

I hate sceesh trash. I hate them so much I should be happy they exist as they are the worst of the worst of the worst.

Sceesh trash are worse than foreign enemies, as they are traitors. People who think that territory that is now part of the USA can just leave? They are saying it is ok to diminish the territorial integrity of the USA. That is treason. That is, you need to change your mind about that shit, or die, stuff. We had this big old nasty war in this country over 130 years ago where the idea that killing such traitors until they quit or are all dead was tried out for the first time, and shit damn, it is the only way to go. I would support that again. I do not think that the USA should be water boarding foreign captured enemies, but I do believe in trying to kill traitorous sceesh trash as efficiently and as quickly as possible. I do not specifically call for them to be killed in the most slow and painful way, but if they are not killed instantly I do not believe in giving them medical care to ease their suffering. Traitors deserve to die, and if possible, should be billed not only for the bullet, but for the time of the American Soldier to kill them.

I will stop there, but I will say again, kudos to DaGooseman for remembering that that shit is foul.


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