Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ok. 'Splain This One to Me.

A not white, not male makes a public declaration to that fact. So she gets branded a racist for that?

Again, what the fuck.

But hey. This is the same gang of fools who accused Pres. Obama of playing the race card by mentioning he was black.

Anyway . . .

Instead of going on a full tear, I will move on to the Haiku. This is a block of four:

Nothing new from them.
The volume may have increased.
But the whine's the same.

They spew their hatred.
Don't they know they're idiots?
Never mind, wicked.

Call her a racist?
Could they be more ignorant?
Talk about unhinged.

Today's GOP.
Evil, lying trailer-trash.
Not much more than that.


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