Monday, May 18, 2009

“Not rooted in anything that would touch on reality.”

The quote comes from an unnamed source in/from the Hillary Campaign, re the idiotic plan that Fox Not News host (not any thing close to a liberal) Greta Van Sustern's hubby had for getting Palin to pal up with the Hillary camp and help reduce her campaign debt.

As if anyone but he and a few loon-a-tics were stupid enough to break party loyalty to vote a any female?

That is not the point. Point is, I read this quote and I thought, shit, that covers just about any shit coming out of the GOP these days.

These bitches are so lost in space they are talking about filibustering the next nominee to the SCOTUS BE fucking FORE such a person is even picked.

Talk about making a political circus out of the business of government. We object even before we know who or what we object to. That is how we roll. Never mind what we were saying only a few years ago when it was our team captain choosing the next player.

Fucking hypocrites. But. I have been thinking. Them GOPers are ready to jump off the cliff. We should help them. All we need is the right candidate for SCOTUS. Someone with an impeccable resume, who is squeaky clean, but socially (meaning not suitable to the bigots) unacceptable. I hope we can not only go about the business of finding a more than suitable replacement for Souter, but one that the GOP has to choke on. Personally Souter was one of my favs (still is, he ain't gone yet and his record will live on.) Perhaps he should be the template for his own replacement?

Instead of someone socially unacceptable to the bigots, instead pick someone with out any actual partisan record, if not leanings. How about another neutron (that is what I call Souter, as he is so apolitical he actually seems more concerned with the law and Constitution than ideology.)

Ya. That's the ticket.

Honestly if he were 10 years younger I would say pick Colin Powell (if he would take it.) Now that would be one hell of a show -- all them douchey cowards both in the GOP Congressional Caucus and in the peanut gallery, throwing clots as they try to throw stink bombs at their until recently favorite negro. Ha. And he is a far better person than all of them and most of them douches know it.

And he would be good at it too. Ain't too many people not lawyers I would say that about. He is fierce smart, and has one of the best resumes of any D.C. player in the past 20 years if not more.


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