Sunday, May 31, 2009

Not Only Even When They are Trying to Not be Racists they are Blatantly Racist. But More So.

The (bench career) ghost of Miguel Estrada is being exhumed for the Sotomayor fight.

Bring it on, ya morons!

Irony is, as in disturbingly predictably dishonest, when Republican rednecks try to be all racially sensitive they usually prove how racist they are, instead. Exhuming the ghost of Miguel Estrada is just one of those colossal examples of just not getting it.

Granted, I am not a Latino, but follow me here. I know what I am talking about, as the same goes for Blacks or any group, particularly when the majority of a group feels their interests, as a group, and as individuals, are threatened by a political party, more than the other political party.
Mere fact Miguel Estrada has a Spanish last name did not end up meaning much to the majority of Latinos, as they gave more weight to the fact he was a Conservative Republican, a member of the party that is perceived as hostile to their interests, than to the fact of his name, or ethnic heritage.

In short, the ethnic identity part counts way far less on the "People like us" scale, than something like actual views on actual issues that actually affect real peoples' lives. And it is racist to assume otherwise. And that is what these redneck Republicans assume time and again.

So again, bring it on, ya silly gits.

Edit to add:

I finally got around to watching the vid of Pat Buchanan x Bob Shrum on Andrea Mitchell's show. It was a classic example of Redneck Racist Republican Hackery. Buchanan goes off on the talking point tangent about the "Wise Latina woman," remark. Shrum cut him off, saying she did not say that, then recites the quote with that all important "I Hope," added in.

And you know what Pat Buchanan did? Did he say, oh. That makes it different? Na. He, being faced with with his own racist redneck lie, just kept at it over and over.

Shit. If the Democratic Strategists and leaders play this game just right, the damage that the GOP will do to itself will be immeasurable, and long lasting. And the thing is we don't even need to go after the GOP. They are doing it to their own selves. I think the best example of how that is playing out was when Arianna Huffington quoted Robert Downey Jr:

"It is like I have a shotgun in my mouth, and I've got my finger on the trigger, and I like the taste of gunmetal."

Self Destructive Behavior.

They need to do at least two things here. They need to (a) to keep the pressure on the GOP to be honest. Hit them forcefully on their lies. Don't let them get away with any of that shit. And (b) they need to keep the pressure on the so-called Liberal Media Elite. Sometimes I am thinking with alleged friends like this, who needs enemies? Point is, they the Media really treat the wacko redneck Republicans too kindly. And they, the racist Republicans know it, and if there is one thing they are good at is taking a mile when given an inch. That shit must end.

When the day comes when all the so called Liberal Media Elite are as sarcastic and mocking of the redneck Republicans as Keith Olbermann is? That is the day when the so called becomes the actual. But I am not even asking for that. I am asking for Dem guests on shows to talk past the redneck, and say to the host, things like, "Ya see. This it the kind of thing that needs to be challenged more. There is room for arguing one's POV but honestly (Host), when people tell such blatant lies journalists should be there at the ready to pounce on them."

Stuff like that. And beyond that, we do not need to be seen trying to push the redneck racist Republicans over the cliff. However, it would be fair to say something to them like, "If you jump off that cliff, you will surely die." And if they are stupid enough to try to prove us and reality itself wrong, that is their problem.


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