Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mock Them.

This is how we should take control of the conversation about just about any sociopolitical issue. We need to mock and mock hard, any stupid, dumbassed, unlikely, non reality based bullshit they throw out.

You know I criticize the media for condoning the stupid shit these dumb as rocks, or otherwise psychotic people say. And we can't wait for the media to do that. That is not their job anyway (save a few obvious commentators on MSNBC and in print.)

So remember the break is here: what we are talking about is the difference between probable and possible (when we are not talking about clearly baseless stuff. But sometimes the bullshit contains both kinds of errors.)

Probable is what is likely to happen and what there is a good mathematical chance of happening.

Merely possible is just about anything -- anything that can't to a certainty be disproved.

I have said this before -- made the raw argument, but if you happen to hear someone make some ticking time bomb argument, or argue that not letting religious bigots preach inside the school or a local state or federal zone of control if not ownership is the same as denying them their first amendment rights, mock them and mock them hard.

Compare their lunatic, childish thinking to believing in Santa Clause, flying dragons, and alien abductions. As it is often the case, the arguments coming out of GOPers are closer to that sort of fantasy land shit, than they are to objective reality.

Don't condone the fake and phony arguments. Mock them.

It's like they say about dealing with delusional, crazy people. It is a disservice to them to at all reinforce or legitimize the delusional thinking.

I am not going to re post the vid from that movie,"The Madness of King George." But that is what I am talking about. It's tough love therapy -- with out the love, of course!


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