Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Know! Let's Hold the Evil Lying Republicans to the Letter and Meaning of the Shit Talk they are Spewing about Speaker Pelosi.

Taking their argument that she has to step down from her post up out of the specific context, and drawing a general statement from it, she (at worst, mind you) talked trash about part of the government and some of the people who work for it. Take that and the GOP cry she must step down on account of that, and make the general rule:

People who talk trash about the government have to be seriously punished for that.


What about all those Republicans who are currently in Congress who shit talk about either The Federal Government generally, specific offices and secretariats and agencies, or frequently raise that Racist Loving Redneck talking point about "States Rights." Now do all them GOP bullshit liars have to be expelled from Federal office? And them at the state and local level? If they have ever said something like that, does that serve as a bar from them ever even running for a Federal office or serving as a Federal appointee?

My would not that be sweet, if that could be done. We could boot just about every Republican out of the Federal Gvt, and keep them out for decades . . . . that is if we held the Republicans to the same standards they are holding Speaker Pelosi.

Ya. Ever met a Republican who lives up to the shit they say other people have to live by?

Not Fucking Ever!


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