Monday, May 25, 2009

Close Gitmo and Send the Detainees to Alaska!

First, the political upside for people like me who think Sarah Palin is a dangerous sociopath, and must be thwarted.

If that cow at all does not voice 100% support for the idea of the Gitmo detainees being sent there, that proves that she is not in the least bit fit to be POTUS, complaining about doing her part for the war on terror. That is not even the real main reason I want Alaska as the destination -- that is just the icing on the cake. Here is the cake.

Particularly if the end, permanent facility is located in a fairly isolated area, that sorta cuts down on the the worries about escapees. And since the overwhelming majority of Alaskans live in an area that is less than 10% of the state, and very large chunks are very much actually wilderness, anyone complaining about a prison that is 200 miles away is easily dismissed as a whiner.

And any attempt to send peeps in there to try to free them would be seen from miles and miles away.

Lastly, it would put to an end the shit talk about how great the enemies of America have it at Gitmo. Yes, they will be well fed and cared for, but I am personally sick and taard of peeps like that twisted twat Monica Crowley talking about how much it like a beach resort at Gitmo.

But these evil lying GOPers don't even see how fucking stupid their arguments are. If you actually think Gitmo is Club Fed, paradise for prisoners, you should be happy with my plan -- send them bastids to a cold (for a lot of the year) hell of a tundra, instead of there in the cool tropical trade winds.

Now you know them fucks will find some way to whine about it. It is not like they are limited by reality or any such encumbrances.


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