Friday, April 17, 2009

Worst Republicans of the Week. A Three-Way Group Tie.

Group One: any Republicans who helped plan or hyped the Tea Bag parties, while knowingly lying about the fact that it was an "Astro-Turfed," event, not a true grass roots movement.

Group Two: the specific Republicans who were blaming President Obama, not really honestly for the economy, but were there at the tea parties mainly to get their hate on against the First Black President.

Group Three: Republican Secesh trash. That includes that asshole governor of Texas, and Hannity, and Beck. These people have no love of America, if they don't get it that the ultimate in America Bashing is talking Secesh trash talk.

And for some balance (not really but follow me here) Best Republican of the Week is . . . now don't go and have a heart attack: Alaskan Evita Sarah Palin.

Crazy fool leaves her Home State on the even of sin die for the Legislature, to attend some rubber chicken anti reproductive choice event in Indiana. And that left her loony-toons some what racist, ex-separatist Atty General pick without support, and his confirmation was de-nied.

At the rate she is going she might get recalled by the end of the year. We all should be so lucky to see her political career die that soon.


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