Friday, April 03, 2009

Worst Republican of the Week. If I Overthink it . . .

it could be hard. This week has featured Republican insanity at its most insane.

We had Glenn Beck's Goodwin's law On Crack routine, comparing the Obama Admin. to the Nazis, complete with footage of Nazi troops, not only marching but in combat.

We had Rush Limbaugh in all his hideousness, on the one hand, continuing with his anal sex fetish-obsession. And on the other hand, he said something nasty about NY City. That we do not appreciate, mister.

We had The Obama Haters, as a group. My God, what pathology.

And we had Newt Gingrich. Take your pick. I will toss out the bit about drug testing people. He is one power grabbing wanna be (really as in wants it so badly) despot.

But I am just going to saddle all the Republican assholes who have been bitching and moaning about the Pay Performance law with the Worst of the Week award.


I repeat.

How much of a brain damaged, partisan asshole does one have to be to look at a person who invests money in a company, and based on that whole investing money part, insists on exerting some level of control over that company

and call the investor a commie, or a socialist, or a fascist, or a power grabbing dictator?

Stupid Gits!


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