Sunday, April 19, 2009

Will Mocking Baseless, Excuseless Bigots Make Them Rethink Their Bigoted Ways?

Hell no! But it can make for some damned funny social commentary,
and satire.

Now I could post the "original" vid this one makes fun of, but I will instead just comment on people like that, and why I could not ever be people like that. I would be totally ashamed of myself if I could harbor such baseless bigotry. And to explain the lack of anything close to a basis for this sort of bigotry, consider the following created-purely-for-example quote:

"Look maw. Them folk got the nerve to think and act differently than we do, by God. The mere idea that the different can be allowed to exist along side our 'normal' is a threat to our way of life."

You get the picture.

Not to say I am not judgmental. But I honestly do not care who people want to have sex with or marry, as long as both are adult humans. As long as someone is not annoying me by literally being in my physical space and demanding me to put up with stupid crazy shit, I care not.

I don't get the sort of thinking where people get all upset over the mere idea of difference.

Oh. And re that 'original ad?' Dropping in that talking point about the elimination of protection for health industry workers to refuse treatments based on their religious beliefs? That shit had nothing to do with gay marriage. And beyond that, well I do think that someone who can not in good conscience deliver the best OBJECTIVE MEDICAL treatment with out some artificial (from the patient care/science pov) limit getting in the way, really needs to get one of the few jobs in the private sector where that doesn't matter, or get out of that field.

Follow me here. I am not saying they do not have the right to a choice. But the choice is not what care to give a patient, under and in keeping with their religion. Their choice is what is more important to them? Working in a public health job, or living their lives in exacting slavish devotion to some artificial creed?


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