Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Suggesting a Do-Over for Ted Stevens? Now if I Were Not Already Critical of Palin

and that is for several reasons, the believing in magic, the believing that God speaks or otherwise communicates directly with her, the believing that people who speak in tongues are possesed of the Holy Spirit, and the generally being a shallow-thinking feeble-minded git, I'd have cause now. (And that is only a partial list of preexisting reasons, mind you.)

But even if none of that were the case, her personal cartwheel on the issue of Ted Stevens, first when politically expedient, calling for him to resign, and now when the tide has turned (not that he has been exonerated, but cut loose on account of prosecutoral misconduct), to call for a special election, begs the question, is there any doubt she truly is a shallow-thinking feeble-minded git?

And I know I am harsh on Alaskan Evita. I admit that I would have preferred to see her arrested and convicted over Ted. But follow my logic, here, or to be more specific, consider how inherently illogical the argument for a special election is, actually.

At core, the argument is this: if the voters only knew ( or believed) something then, that they know (or perhaps believe) now, they might have voted differently.

Well hell's bells! The same could be said about any and every election, ever.

See how stupid that argument actually is?


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