Saturday, April 18, 2009

Speaking of Secessionists, and Why They Must Be Forced to Surrender, or Die.

Here is my quick and dirty analysis of the U.S. Civil War:

For what ever reason (and the reason does not matter) the Southern states seceded.

What did that mean to the USA? The Union? That meant that they were faced with a National Security Threat that was an 11 on a 10 point scale. And the only way to restore the level of national security that existed before secession was to keep on killing rebels until they surrendered, or were wiped out.

When dealing with rebels, either way works just as well.

And eventually they surrendered, after many were killed. And our generals, Grant, and Sherman, would have kept on killing rebels until the last one was dead, if that is what it took.

And all real America loving Americans cheered them on.

That is what I am getting at. When someone goes reb, when they choose to secede from the USA they are not only saying they are giving up their status as Americans, but are declaring themselves to be enemies of the United States, by creating a National Security Threat to the United States of America.

So when they do that (or even talk about stuff like that), they do that under threat of, if not at least understanding, as a matter of 4th grade history fact, that the Response of the United States of America, and all loyal Americans to rebs is this:

We will force you to surrender, or we will kill all y'all if necessary. And we will keep killing rebs for as long as it takes. And we will pin medals on the chests of those who are better at killing rebs than the next guy. And we will sing songs in their honor, and praise their names. And we will not shed a tear for any of the rebel dead. If someone dies as a reb, they die as an enemy of America. America's enemies do not deserve any sympathy, or tears.


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