Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Perhaps First Attempt at Speed Blogging.

I never played speed golf, but I have shot speed pool. The idea of course is to get done asap.

Here goes.

FOX News. If they did not deserve to be pulled under the Fed. Election Commission's jurisdiction before, they sure do now, for how caxsuxkingly fluffy they have been in support of the blatantly Astro Turf Tea Bag Movement.

I quote myself on the subject of the Tea Baggers. Republicans being all upset over big government and taxes? That is as new as (I will change the punchline) learning that soiled caca baby diapers tend to smell like caca.

Speaking of Caca, Norm Coleman would be the most embarrassing Republican, but for his competition.

Sarah Alaskan Evita Palin's AG pick turns out to be worse than a closet racist.

And Sean Hannity is a dick. For. Being. Himself. Check out how that notorious dick himself Bernie Goldberg called out Hannity for being a particularly patently nasty obvious knee jerk Obama hating dick.

Shit. I haven't even had the chance to see the vid myself; I only read the text ( I can speed read.)

Ok -- out of time here.

Hope to post something more rambling and circumloquatious soon.

Later, kids.


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