Saturday, April 04, 2009

More Scandal for the Palin Clan. Hey. I Get to Use One of my Archived Pics Now. Yea!

Ok. I admit. I was so jazzed at the headline that I have not yet read the full article. I should be ashamed for the feeling of schadenfreude I get from each and every new nugget of shit that is coming out of the Palin Clan. And this one is a doosey.

"Gov. Sarah Palin's sister-in-law, Diana Palin, arrested for burglary."

There was a little bit more said on the Anchorage Daily website, but there was no comment from either the Governor's office or the "First Dude."

Now I almost hate to say it as I am sure there are some otherwise reasonable people out there who but for their partisan political opinions obviously know left from right, up from down, and their asses from their elbows, but still profess some admiration for Alaskan Evita singularly, or for her Clan. But to any one of that persuasion I issue the following challenge.

What more do you freaking need to admit I am right about these people? Does someone even closer to Sarah herself need to be arrested on a felony charge? Does it have to be Todd, not Todd's sister next time? Or does the second oldest daughter have to get knocked up too? Does Sarah herself have to be literally caught on tape in a quid pro quo, specifically accepting money or goods specifically for favorable treatment towards a corporation that directly or indirectly does business with the State of Alaska -- instead of merely on the one level enjoying the benefit of Todd's "sponsors" indirectly, that is if we discount her wearing the free kewl corporate logo gear in public as merely an indirect quid pro quo?

Well? What say you?


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