Friday, April 03, 2009

In Your Face, Obama Haters! Woo Woo Woo . . .

And before I go any further, I am having fun here. But I am serious when I say that the level of hatred being shown the Obamas is so pathological and wide spread that if they ever come up with an antidote they should skip the idea of targeting vaccinations, and instead just dump the stuff into the water supply.

Anyway, the latest in embarrassing (and I mean, to and for the Obama Haters -- that is if they had the ability to see how sickly warped they seem to the rest of us, the sane and reality based people) caterwaul is over Ms. Obama's alleged gaffe in returning a semi hug she got from Elizabeth Regina.

Now before I go to the punchline, imagine how unhinged, how inherently disturbed, how pathologically partisan some one must be in order to make a stink over this? Right now I am going to describe the scale on the Loony Meter.

Silly -- Daft -- Yumpy -- Maniacal -- Fruity Bonkers -- and Nucking Futs.

And I state with out hesitation that feigning upset (and in the case of some truly mentally ill people, actually getting upset; much in the same way some people speak in tongues or dance at a Grateful Dead show) or otherwise making a stink over this incident definitely rates as Nucking Futz.

And now we are close to the punchline.

Michelle Obama charms queen away from protocol.

By JENNIFER QUINN, Associated Press Writer Jennifer Quinn, Associated Press Writer – Thu Apr 2, 2:15 pm ET

A Buckingham Palace spokesman who asked not to be identified because of palace policy said he could not remember the last time the queen had displayed such public affection with a first lady or dignitary.

"It was a mutual and spontaneous display of affection," he said. "We don't issue instructions on not touching the queen."
. . . . .

(And I particularly like the quote from one of Britain's Daily Newspapers)

The Daily Mail said the "two women clearly took to each other."

Again, what kind of diseased mind would have taken even the earliest tell of this story and blow it up beyond all context and proportion? What sort of snakes and worms and lizards and gnarling rodent-like critters do they have scuttling about in the backs of their minds?



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