Saturday, April 11, 2009

In the Immortal Words of Fictional Cartoon Character Brock Sampson,"This is Getting Stupid!"

And I am not only talking about these shit-stupid tea parties and "tea baggin," but the tag along claim by Republicans that it is some shame and conspiracy that the main stream liberal elite media are ignoring this movement.

Shit on whole wheat toast. I just watched this vid on line with Neil Cavuto going brain damaged, crack addict berserk against this lady re that part of the silly dog and pony show.

The lady was pretty good in opposing Crack Head Cavuto, but she made a mistake in playing his game. Particularly when he uttered this outrageous lie that the tea party movement was not about party.

If I were in her position I might have mocked him by saying that,"Um . . . I thought I was on all the proper Democrat email lists, but I did not get the email informing me that from now on we Dems are going to do what the GOP has been doing for years, and that is pathologically and incessantly whine about big government and taxes."

Or, even earlier in the discussion, she should have said to Cavuto:

Do you want to know why the Main Stream Media are not interested? You really don't get that? You really need that explained to you? Ok here goes. Republicans whining about big government and taxes? That is about as new and interesting a thing as the sun rising in the East and Setting in the West.

Like Brock Sampson said,"This is getting stupid."


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