Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am Still Raving Mad at the Torture Apologists. I Will Try to Not Use the Eff Word. But I am not Promising That.


I am in the middle of watching some video of Baptist Minister Mike Huckabee on the Sean Hannity program, dismissing water boarding as a carnival ride, and further more, here comes the twisted sociopathic thought process he uses for saying that telling our enemies we are not going to do that shit anymore is bad for the country.

Granted, he is dismissing the ancient and universal fact that water boarding is torture, but he says it is bad to let our enemies know we are not going to do that thing anymore (that he says is not torture) because now our enemies know we are not going to go that far (meaning not torture.)

These people are fucking sick. I do not apologize for the cursing. It is fucking sick to say "No we don't torture -- even when we do -- and if we stop torturing that will let our enemies know we do not torture -- like we say we do not do -- because we do not want our enemies to know we do not torture, even when we claim we do not torture."


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