Thursday, April 02, 2009

An-gie. Ohhhh Ann-jaay.

(Think like you are hearing Mick Jagger sing that.)

Actress and now out-of-the-closet celebrity Republican Angie Harmon does not read this blog. She must of missed my last post about how many members of the Republican party are actively working against Political Correctness -- the efforts at reducing the insensitivity and meanness in American Society, so that means (at least those) Republicans are actually in favor of insensitivity and meanness. And she missed all my awards of the distinction of Worst Republican of the Week, and let's just be honest -- a very large % of my content is specifically on some aspect of Republicans acting mean or nasty (or just plain stupid.) So perhaps that is why she is so grossly misinformed (and ya I know that her interview was before my post, last night. Sheesh.)

But the lady has to be either one of the most blatant partisan liars of all time, or so delusional that she makes Pollyanna seem like an Eagle Scout stoned on Truth Serum.

Her incredibly untrue remarks:

"I think one of the greatest things about the Republican Party is the understanding, we don’t point fingers and we have class."

The 'interview' was posted over there in two parts, and there were other very silly things she said, but that nugget was the most delusional one.

"Don't point fingers?"

Lady, have you ever watched any show on Fox? If you removed all the finger pointing stories about President Obama and other non Republicans, all you would have left are the commercials, some human interest stories, and up skirt shots of the female on air 'talent.'

It is ironically humorous that the lead-in hot quote Fox used to hype part 1 of this interview was her statement about how the mere fact she is critical of President Obama does not mean she is a racist. All I am going to say about the racist prong of that argument is that as long as she is not making any reference at all to any race issues or using any racially offensive imagery or language, no one but the most insane Obama supporter will call her a racist, merely for being critical. However, being critical is the essence of the behaviour described by the phrase 'pointing fingers,' right?

Give me a break.

As far as the assertion that Republicans,"Have class," goes, has she actually paid any attention to Alaskan Evita? She says in one of the segments that she respects Palin so much.

Is this her idea of class?

A grandma of a out-of-wedlock child, born to a 18 year old high school drop out. A money grubbing opportunist who had to pay back the State of Alaska for padded expense accounts and wrongfully charging the State for the costs of bringing her uninvited and non-staff-function-filling children along for the ride on multiple trips. A politician who if not personally (and there are allegations of that) allowed her husband to use the office of the Governor to settle personal scores and wage vendetta against alleged enemies? A clueless rube who doesn't quite get it, that running around in public wearing clothing featuring the logo not only of a corporation as if she was getting paid to do that (as her husband is, per contract with such corporation, actually) but of an at-least indirect vendor to the State of Alaska is per se wrong, indefensible, and a glaring example of personal corruption, per se?

That is her idea of class?

Never mind Joe not named Joe and not really ever really a plumber talking about how he is horny about all the attention he has been getting (well at least he is dimly aware of being an attention whore), as an example of the level of class of the GOP?

Ok. I know I do spend a lot of time ragging on Republicans here. But when they say shit that wrong, and that stupid, it is hard to resist. It is like rubbernecking some roadside accident. You might not be proud of the fact you look. But you are going to look, even if just a quick glance, before you turn away.

Look. Ya wanna be a loyal Republican, fine. Not to say I will never poke someone merely for voting GOP as I will if I am in the mood to do so. However, if someone is going to be delusional or blatantly ignore commonly known facts, well that is something else. That is begging to have fingers pointed at oneself.


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