Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Didn't I Call The Whole Palin Circus Trailer Trash Reality TV, Back in the Fall?

Levi Johnston on Tyra.
I agree with Keith Olbermann that Alaskan Evita's release of a harshly worded statement is more newsworthy than the actual facts of the actual broadcast.

Now I did see a clip of O'Reilly's show, and he had Monica Crowley and some insane lady named Hoover on his show. Crowley said she believed Alaskan Evita had to do it, to shore-up her base. However how often is she right on anything? I mean it is not as if Alaskan Evita is in danger of being considered the most trivial minded of State Governors. (I was being snarky there.)
Now that Hoover lady was really really harsh on Levi. I mean, she was so harsh on the lad that a reasonable observer would have to think that if she was not a paid agent of Alaskan Evita, or getting paid to smack the kid around, specifically, that she was basically a mentally ill person. And in saying that I mean, that to be that incensed at someone who is a total stranger who only engaged in the petty and simple act of going on TV and giving his own version of some events, and being so concerned on the effect that thing had on another person, who also is total stranger, is just crazy people stuff. Seriously.

But here is the thing she said that sort of resonated with me, even if at first I took it for her, the Hoover lady, just being a cow. She repeatedly said the situation was like "Jerry Springer." Now pardon my digression, but that proves she was a republican. She played that frequently used move which is to compare two things that are not the same, and say they are, not to employ an actual metaphor but to mischaracterize the matter in question. Tyra Banks show might not be comparable to "Charlie Rose." Her show might not even rate favorably next to a Barbara Walters Celebrity interview. Now if we get to the level of Oprah? Well Oprah is the dominant one, but Tyra's ratings and appeal in the younger demographic makes her either the younger or the next Oprah.

I went long there in not so much defending Tyra Banks as much as correcting the cow-ish comment from that Hoover lady. But my real point is that even if she meant that to specifically criticize the Johnston clan, she, Hoover lady-cow just missed the obvious point. And that is the Palins and the Johnstons are peas in a pod. They are the same sorta people. As they say up there in the Mat-Su, they all are Valley Trash.

Now people can love Sociopathic Sarah all they like. They can even try to hold her up as some kinda Redneck Royalty, as I saw on that one self confessing redneck website. But the thing is, you got to deal with the reality that the Palins really truly are at least one of the things that Alaskan Evita claims to be, and that is about as far away from any one's idea of "elite" as one can get. Sure, random Republican supporters, even professional right wing commentators, and even Palin herself can try to run down the Johnstons as something beneath the Palins, but the truth is, they are cut from the same cloth.

I mean really? How clueless-partisan can some people get? Oh. I remember. We are talking about extremist right wing Republicans. They made all sorts of excuses for the teen pregnancy and were all gush over the prospect of what from a distance looked like a pending shotgun wedding between Levi and Bristol. And now they think the kid is somehow beneath the level of the Palins? Give me a freaking break!


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