Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The "Craig'sList" Killer Was A College Republican.

No suprise there.

And in totally unrelated news, Fox (alleged) News Network has filed a FOIA for the source material for the conclusions in the Dept. Homeland Security report about right wing extremist terrorist threats.

Do you think Fox is going to do anything useful with the source data, like, I dunnknow? Fire and send the email data dumps of all (future ex) Fox employees who meet the profile, to DHS/FBI?

Ya that is why they want the data. The just wanna keep the world safe from right wing extremist psychopathic killers.


I'll be here holding my breath on them acting like good citizens.



Edit to add:

It is shaping up like the Bush/Cheney team were gung ho on waterboarding not for it's record in producing reliable data (doubtful at best -- any dime store spy novel reader knows that), but for producing false data, like false confessions, or what ever the fucking sadistic bitches doing the torture seem to what to hear?

Ya. Build up to Iraq war. No suprise there.

And yes. This shit is all over. I am only reporting the reporting here, kids.

And yes. I did a very good job of cutting down on using the Eff word, lately. But I went with the flow of emotion there, as if that was at all a factor in why those fucking psychopaths were so gung ho on using torture in the name of My Government, fuck them bitches. Let's prosecute them.


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