Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beware! Alarm! The Forces of Evil are Advancing the Ball Down the Field.

Honestly, they are some what good at that shit. But I digress, but I should point out that when the peeps in the MS Media use the phase "Enhanced Interrogation" with out contextual quotes, they are lending the evil scumbag sociopaths some glimmer of reasonableness to their psychopathology.

Stop that shit now!

And beyond that, there is the opening that they, those evil scumbags who are apologizing for that shit, have given us -- and we should make them choke on it (only metaphorically as ya know . . . that would be torture, if literally.)

Here is what we, the forces of good and decency, should be exploiting. They have reverted to the "Ends justifies the means." form of argument.

Again, ya evil bitches!!! That is the way a psychopath lives.

Granted, we say they have no morality, but they do have a prime directive; a rule that they live by and justify all the shitty evil nasty things that the do.

And do you know what that rule is?

"I got what I wanted. That is all that matters."

In other words, they are the people who live most fully under the philosophy of,"The End Justifies the Means."

Sick fuckers. We need to shame these people into irrelevance, if not oblivion.


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