Saturday, April 04, 2009

And I Sort Of Want To Amend My Worst Republican of the Week Award . . .

Yesterday, after giving out the sorta regular sometimes weekly Worst Republican of the Week Award, I saw this animated movie called "Persepolis." I will just jack the summary off of the Netflix site:

Marjane (voiced by Chiara Mastroianni) just wants to be an ordinary kid, but that isn't easy in 1978 Iran. This profound animated film follows Marjane's childhood in a repressive society, her adolescence in France and return to Tehran as an adult. Based on Marjane Satrapi's autobiographical graphic novel, this Oscar nominee for Best Animated Feature Film also features the vocal talents of Catherine Deneuve and Simon Abkarian.

Now that I have looked that over, yes it was from an autobiographical source, as I thought. And that makes my end point here, and why I want to extend the WRW award to all the Obama Haters, each and every one of them. Next to Marjane, all the whining Obama Haters seem to be the most mean and snivelling and contemptible of bullshit excuses for human beings. And here is my case.

This is the short version of Marjane's life. Born in 1969 in pre Islamic Revolution Iran, her grandfather had already been persecuted by the first Shah (on account of being a member of the real royal family.) Her uncle was in jail as a political prisoner during the later years of the Shah, released in the first wave of post Shah jubilation, only to be arrested and killed by the Revolutionary Guard.

Her other uncle died not so much because the family could not afford to send him out of the country for the life saving sophisticated surgery, but because the government would not give him a visa. And remember, all this is happening to her and her family while the Iran Iraq War is raging. The family lived in Tehran and Tehran was bombed and attacked by missiles. It was rather like London during the Blitz. Their building was blown up by a missile attack. Luckily none of the family were inside when it happened. However many of the neighbors were not so lucky. Estimates vary but upwards of a million died during that war.

Her family were able to send her to Europe. She came back to post war Tehran and partially on the serious pressure from her family and her own distaste for the repressive insane government in the Islamic Republic, she left Iran with the commandment never to return again.

Some life, hunh?

Let's compare that to the life of the average Obama Hater.

My party, after controlling all the branches of the Federal Government for 6 out of 8 years, was voted out of the White House.


Get my point?


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