Friday, March 27, 2009

Worst Republican of the Week.

Where to begin?

Michelle Bachmann, for just about every thing she said, but her call for revolution is well, insane, if not criminal.

Glenn Beck. For being himself.

Anyone who called Pres. Obama either a socialist, Marxist, McCarthyite, or the new one, Dictator. Particularly on that list are Hannity and Newt.

Limbaugh, for various odious remarks, particularly calling Obama Ogabe, comparing him to that monster Robert Mugave. Or, my next choice? Using the potentially greatly catostraphitic flood conditions in North Dakota along the Red River as an excuse to crack "dike" I mean "dyke" jokes.

Sarah Palin (and Todd too.) Not that the ethical violations are new, but for continuing the farce, and particularly for Alaskan Evita's use of the official office of the governor's web site to call the latest filing against her 'bogus." No Mrs. Palin. It ain't all about you, so much as it is getting your stank ass out of government, because you are pathologically corrupt.

But the winner? Tammy Bruce for calling the Obamas trash.

Takes quite a nasty piece of ass to rise to the top of this scummy group. So kudos to you Ms. Bruce. Ya know what they say. The scum rises to the top.


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