Monday, March 09, 2009

Why Do Republicans Want Our Nation to Fail?

Well, the week is just getting started. Unless we have some major news piece carrying over from last week, we are looking for the next shiny object.

But since I mentioned hold over news, let me quickly say something about what really is the most important issue of the moment, as well as has been for months: the sick economy.
Now if I were a praying man I would be praying for a real good uptick in the economy. I mean majorly, and not only because that would raise my boat, as it raised everyone else's.
And hey. That reminds me. Before I move on to other matters, I have something harsh to say to Rush Limbaugh and any other dicks who are hoping for President Obama to fail. Fuck ya'll. Now I have heard the original clip, and the follow up, in depth version, and even the CPAC version, with Rush dressed up and looking like a low rent stripper joint manager (thanks again, Mr. Letterman, for that perfect observation.) You can try to nuance it all you like. In fact I saw some dick on some video saying it this way."Do I want socialism to fail?" And to dickheads who think and or say that, I say as follows:
No dickhead. That was not the question put to you. That is not nor has it ever been the question. The question is do you want the current POTUS to fail at his job, which is leading the nation out of the worst economic crisis in many decades. The question is not about ideology, or perceived differences in economic theory. The question goes to the end result of our Nation's (if not the greater world's) economic health. To wish the President to succeed is to wish that he makes life better for the Nation, and that means all of us, damnit. People who say otherwise are dogmatic demagogues, more concerned with some ideological ideal than the actual well being of the Nation.
Let me make a point of comparison. For the most part, I could not stand Bush, from before he became POTUS. I was particularly livid about his plan to invade Iraq. I was incensed that he actually did it. I thought the plan was criminally stupid. I wish I could go back in time or otherwise make it so that the Iraq war never happened. If I could snap my fingers and undo it all, reset the clock to October of 2002, and prevent the Iraq Resolution from passing, I gladly would. I would rather see things be much the same in Iraq as they were in October 2002 than how they currently are, if I had the power to choose.
Let me stop there. I get fired up if I think too long and hard about that stuff. Point is, that even as little faith I had in the mission, I did repeatedly say words to the following effect:
Yes, I think the war is wrong, and I wish it never happened, but I would rather see the whole nation of Iraq turn into the most peaceful place on the planet overnight, even if that means Bush gets credit, rather than to see it go up in smoke (I just can't imagine a real success there.)
Hell, back when I was actively fighting right wingers on the Hannity Message Board, I was on the end of repeated attempts to take me to task for not actively being optimistic about the chance of success. Let me be clear. I was not actively wishing for failure, not was it that I was being mistaken for that. The attempt was to chastise me for not actively wishing that against the odds, the thousands of years of history in that region, and the stupefying incompetence of the political leadership in the Bush Administration, that by magic, the Iraq invasion would succeed.
Well, what happened to that kind of wish it were so, make it so, right winger Magical Thinking? I suspect that it has not gone away, we are just seeing the negative side of it. So why do so many right wingers care even less about America than I do about Iraq? And honestly, I really do not give much of a shit about the future of Iraq, I say as a point of calibration. So can you see the point I am making there? I never actively wished for Bush to fail at the mission. I just considered him to be no smarter than a bucket full of snot for thinking the mission could succeed to a level that would justify even a nominal expense in blood or treasure. I was not wishing for the bad outcome; I just saw it as inevitable.
Wow. I went long on that tangent. But the point is perhaps a good one to make. People who are actively wishing for President Obama to fail are in fact wishing for the Nation's economy to fail. And that is the same as wishing for the Nation itself to fail. There is no getting around that, if they are being honest.


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