Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What I Want Out of Obama's Judicial Selections.

Only TOTAL WAR against the regressive, right wing ideologues and their make believe, phony, partisan, original intent bullshit.

Now if you have been following me here, you know my peeves. I despise that the Republicans just make shit up. I despise that they have no respect for reality or the English Language. And I particularly despise them for peddling this Edwin Meese-created, phony, bullshit, "We believe in original intent, and the Dems are activist judges," and conveniently, original intent always leads to the same result as enshrined in the then-current Republican Party Platform.

Fancy that!

But the recent history of the Republican's blatantly dishonest politicizing of the Judiciary, to my mind, means the following is long, as in very long, overdue. It is time to take these bastards head on, and challenge their bullshit. Now I admit my own peculiar bias in favor of cutting through the bullshit, and refusing to give any credit to blatant bullshit. So this is how I would like to see, if not the current one, as soon as possible, a confirmation hearing progress. I would like the nominee to be prepared to go to the mat and punch back, and I mean hard, I mean not give the Republican bullshit partisan hack points the slightest bit of credibility. I want to hear a judicial nominee say to some Republican Senator, words to the effect like:

"Senator, no reasonable person who is a lawyer could take that question seriously. Ask me a legitimate judicial question that is not pregnant with Right Wing political hackery and I will be happy to answer, but I refuse to answer that on the grounds it is a dishonest question and completely detached from reality."

As a Yella Dog Dem, I think it is important we have this fight sooner than later. An opening on the USSC could be coming up sooner than later. We, and by that I mean not only Democrats, but people who are more committed to reality based government than political ideology, would be better served, all of us, if we can eliminate the GOP's bull shit rhetoric that they have been using to disguise their attempts to politicize judicial nominations and the Judiciary.

I am not saying that the GOP should be thwarted from raising political objections to nominations. Rather I am saying the following. They can, but they should be forced to be honest with their political attacks. They have every right to try to please their base. Just be honest about it, you bastards.


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