Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some Republicans Prefer Their Negros to be Humble, Servile, and Still Slaves. Thank Goodness, Some Others Don't.

Over on the Hannity Message Board there is a vile and repulsive thread started by this one racist shit who took the face of President Obama and superimposed it on the movie character "Uncle Remus."

For those of you not too aware of why that would be considerd extremely racially offensive to not only African Americans but all reasonable people, I think the one poster said it best when he said to the Republicans who were defending the vile racist sterotype of the shuffling, servile and happy slave "Uncle":

"You guys are psychopaths."

That should be enough, but if you are dealing with racists who are in deep denial of being a racist, you can even explain with great particularity why the views they hold and the things they believe are baseless and racially offensive, and they will still cling to those racist beliefs. Often, they will embrace the racist views even tighter, all the while denying that they are racists.

In light of that, I should not be surprised that so many Republicans don't consider a humble, servile and still a slave stereotype of a black man to be something offensive to contemporary reasonable audiences. The number of defenders of the image of Uncle Remus in this thread in question has been fairly large. But to their defense, some of the Republicans have also come down on the side of condemning the use of the racist image of Uncle Remus. Kudos to them. Hellfire and damnation to those who do not get that admiration for the image of the stereotype complaint Negro Slave is an abomination.
Here is the ugly irony here. That lump of shit who 'collected' the Uncle Remus tales was basically pining for the nostalgia-tainted delusions of his idealized and unreal memories of life growing up on the plantation as a child of the privileged slave-owning oppressive class of whites. So that was his damage. However these people defending the stereotype of Uncle Remus? What the hell excuse do they have for pining for the good old days of Pre Civil War Southern Plantation life.

Could it be they would prefer to live in a world where the nigrahs were not only servile, but less than a full human, by law?

One last thing, and it is a deliberate crack against one of the board's moderators, who I know to be a particularly virulent racist (ok. I call those with fixed prejudices and an inability to admit that, virulent racists, whereas I call those who either call out for violence against other races and ethnic groups, if not actually engage in such hate crimes, violent racists.) And as well, it is a call out to anyone else who follows the racism forgiving ethos not to read into the hearts of people based on their actions when it is a potentially racist thing:

Hell no. I don't know what damn planet you are living on but I live on the planet where when someone deliberately uses a ugly racist stereotype, we treat them as if they meant to deliberately use that ugly racist stereotype.

That is the way I view it.


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