Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh My God!

I was watching McLaughin group.

Now Monica Crowley, partisan parrot she is (as many free market ass sucking freaks) was decrying the government for putting a jack boot on the neck of private enterprise, totally missing the fact that it is private enterprise that tanked the economy. That was totally expected.

But the surprise was Pat Buchanan calling out for more regulation, holding out the regulated (normal) Met Life Insurance Company as a sound and healthy company, on account of the having to follow regulations, and then criticizing AIG for playing fast and loose with the unregulated financial products division.

Sweet Heaven. That is how far reaching this economic crisis is; a former Nixon staffer and ultra con calling for more regulation of the finance markets.


Oh. And Monica double-downed her bad ideological bet, practically shrieking her complaints about Geithner's plan to get the power to not only take over failing banks but failing non-banks.

Now how the fwk did she not understand the FAILING part?

She is a perfect example of what I think of as deliberate, self-reinforcing ignorance. There are people who are so married to their ideology that they will cling to it, even when it has been conclusively proven to be wrong, bad, and false.

And I am going to do that thing again, and by that I mean when I take some specific thing and pull out to the macro level and say something critical about a large swath of right wingers and republicans. And what I am going to say is this. That sort of thing seems to be too often typical of the right wingers and republicans. Given the natural lesson of reality, and the proven falsehood of their ideology, they will often cling to the ideology. I sort of want to say I have no idea why they do it, but I do have a supposition. And I think that the reason for that is there are just some kind of people in the world who are far more motivated by or interested in embracing some ideological points, no matter how ill conceived or ungrounded in reality. It is sorta like the people who get their thrills from the feeling of being in love, more than the reality of having and working on making an actual reality based relationship with an actual human being.

That would reqires paying attention to details. Being in love with being in love only requires giving into the thrill of the feeling of being thrilled. And I think that is what happens in the minds of these ideologues. They get some sense of satisfaction from the feeling of beliving they have all the right answers, and really have no intention at all of doing the actual hard and real work in developing reality based opinions and knowledge. Likewise they have little interest in being learning-capable, and a flexible enough intellectual creature who can adapt to the realities of a world where there are many variables, and conflicts between what is desired and what is within the real of merely possible, and what is truly probable.

Now I am sure that many who do that believe that as long as they believe hard and deep enough that things will work out the way they want, that they will turn out exactly as they want.

The psychologists and psychiatric professionals have a way of describing that sort of thinking:

"Magical Thinking."

And even if that is not necessarily evidence of being half out of one's own mind, it is evidence of being at least a delusional.

Please pardon my inelegant lack of a proper transition but I feel I should mention that some people wonder why I spend so much time criticizing Alaskan Evita. At the most basic level she is a prime example of someone with delusional magical thinking. But she is worse than that. Not only does she spend way too much time in the Magical Kingdom, but she basically lives in the part of the Magical Kingdom known as Sociopath Village.

I guess Monica Crowley can be her neighbor there? I am only half serious about that. I am not sure yet whether Monica really believes that shit. She is making a hell of a good living doing that act. And as the old line goes, it's good work, if you can get it.


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