Saturday, March 28, 2009

Now if Only to Be Even Handed, I Should Take My Distant Brazilian Cousin to Task, For That Racist Remark.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil, has said about the current global economic crisis, and I will quote as fully as possible as the quote has already been spindled and mutilated to suit some people with sinister agendas:

“This crisis was caused by the irrational behaviour of white people with blue eyes, who before the crisis appeared to know everything and now demonstrate that they know nothing. I do not know any black or indigenous bankers so I can only say [it is wrong] that this part of mankind which is victimized more than any other should pay for the crisis."

Brazilian President Says Dumbassed Racist Shit about Who Caused the Economic Crisis.

To be even handed about people who say racist shit, I have to take a shot at him for this incredibly dumb assed racist remark, and even more so, for the context. He was not even caught off guard, or overheard, or in the middle of some emotionally charged exchange. Ya, he said it at a joint press appearance with the British PM, for crying out loud. Calling out white people while standing right there next to the British PM. Talk about being with out a clue.

But not only do I have to call him out for the base remark, and the context, and the wrongness of the thought and the delivery, but I have to call him out for giving aid and comfort to the racists who I have described before about having a fetish for jumping on any non white person for saying anything merely within 1,000 yards of being racially charged. Now Mr. Da Silva. Do you really get how badly you have served the cause? You have given them a true and actual racist remark by a brown man, against white folk, in public before a bunch of reporters. You have made their day, and when I say their, I mean the people who are shallowly if not deeply committed to the idea of weakening the charge of racism to the point it has no meaning or value anymore. Bad Move.

But let me break the remark down. As is says in that article,"In reality, he was probably wanted to point the blame of this crisis on wealthy Americans and Europeans." That is a point that could have been made with out bringing in race. Never mind the fact that even if it is not literally true, bankers and financiers often seem not to be entirely human people. At least the worst of them are so sociopathic that they should be considered a breed apart, if only to highlight the fact they have no loyalty to anyone but their own greedy selves. And it is not a causation thing. Yes, most senior level bankers and Financiers in Europe and America are white, but that is because of population demographics. And the wickedness they, the particular bankers and financiers, have caused is totally based on things that have nothing to do with ethnicity or nationality, or alleged race.

So Mr. da Silva, you deserve the Worst Non Republican of the Week award.

Your earning of this title does not in any way shape or form exonerate or justify the equally harsh and racist remarks that have come from the more over the top critics, though. Like I say, these people have a fetish for the stuff. Never mind they run around saying things like other people need to lighten up. Even if da Silva's remarks were not even couched as causative, or a blanket attack at white folk, the way some people are acting, you think he was condemning the entirety of the Caucasian peoples of the world.

And that is why I call it a fetish. Calling out individual racist acts and statements in context is what I do. And I think that's a very necessary thing to do, in combating racism. But what some of these people are doing, clearly, is trying to preserve what ever last remainder of institutional or social race based privilege that is left to them. They really don't care about racism as a social ill. However, they are easily upset when ever someone gets close to their identity. Their hypocrisy would be astounding if I did not know any better. And I know better. Some people can literally whine like a baby, over the fact some one else is whining like a baby, and be so underdeveloped an adult and so lacking in self awareness that they actually do not see their own hypocrisy.

So again, Mr. da Silva. You really did the cause a great disservice. Mierda.


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