Thursday, March 26, 2009

More About Sociopathic Sarah's Personal Corruption.

Turns out that in my previous post, I linked the Alaska Governor's official website, where, on official Alaska government paid-for resources, we see her personal editorial comments, calling the investigation bogus.

Now that is really something, ain't it? It is sorta if not clearly doubling down on the ethics violations. I am arguing that, at least. But anyway, here is a link to the actual story.

In the story, it is shown that Succubus Sarah tied in the wearing of the Corporate Sponsor Logo gear to her wearing of things that support local Alaskan artists and sports teams.

Here is one person's response to that:

In an interview, (complainant) Biegel responded: "I'm pleased to see that our governor supports our local artists and sports teams but I believe she's missed the mark when it comes to what this ethics violation is all about." Arctic Cat financially supports Todd Palin's snowmachining, benefiting the whole family, Biegel said.

And the article continues:

Palin did not specify in her latest financial disclosure how much Arctic Cat's sponsorship was worth in 2008. The company provided a "Discount on Snowmachines," the disclosure said. In 2007, the sponsorship was worth $7,500.

Not that it would be an acceptable defence to the charge of corruption, but Arctic Cat ain't even an Alaskan company. But I have to admit, I saw this whole thing as problematic weeks ago. I hope the investigation is a thorough one, and includes Succubus Sarah's use of state resources to defend her corrupt acts.

And to Add:

As I have not done the full fifty-state survey, I can not say for sure that Alaskan Evita's official gubernatorial web page is clearly the most ego-centric one.

I would not be surprised if that is true, just saying.

And to Add Even More:

I am hoping this story gets even more traction. And even if I got on the band waggon early, I clearly am not the only person thinking about the depth of the corruption here.

And no. It is not big dollar financial corruption (as far as the value of the Free Kewl Arctic Cat gear that Alaska Evita got), but it is notworthy on account of the level of, for lack of a better way to express the idea, the sheer audacity of it, and the apparent witless lack of plain common sense understanding of the wrongfulness of the deal.

When I first got to thinking about this, when I first saw the pic of her in her Kewl Gear, my thought quickly got around to the question of whether or not (and I immediately thought likely on some level) Arctic Cat is a State of Alaska vendor? I have not done that much digging, but it took me all of a minute to find out that the company is at least an indirect vendor:

ITB 2008-1200-7511 – Purchase and Delivery of Arctic Cat Utility Snow Machines and Cargo Sleds for the Dept of Public Safety, Alaska State Troopers in rural AK.

I am not going to predict that this will spin out of control and bring Sociopathic Succubus Sarah down and lead to her lying ass being forced out of office or sent to jail. But if that does come to pass, you can say you heard it speculatively from me, first.


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