Monday, March 30, 2009

And Some Folk Wonder Why I Call Alaskan Evita a Sociopath.

Her new pick for Alaska Attorney General, Wayne Anthony Ross, is a vicious, nasty, hateful homophobe.

We are not saying that he is merely one of them 'not in favor of them people getting special raits' sorta homophobe. We are talking ugly, nasty, slur throwing, calls them, "Degenerates," kind of homophobe.

Sick shit. And you know she knew. Yew betcha! It was no secret up there in Alaska, where he has been quite public with his hate:

During a fight several years ago over gay rights, Mendel helped organize Anchorage lawyers in support of an anti- discrimination ordinance. Ross wrote a nasty letter to the Bar Association newsletter, using words like ''immoral, '' ''perversion'' and ''degenerates.'' The language went way beyond reasonable disagreement, Mendel and others said.

Not that I have to live in a place where either Alaskan Evita or this shit bag have any say over my life. But remember my reason for constantly dogging Alaskan Evita; at minimum I want to keep that as the status quo, that she has no say in my life what so ever. Monsters. They are entiled to their opinions, but that is a level of viciousness that can not be rationalized or forgiven, unless the person in question repents of their hate. Seriously. That shit is beyond the pale.


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