Thursday, January 15, 2009

Speaking of Thwarting Crazy Acting Republicans, Don't Forget the Parody Singing 'Comic" Republicans.

Last week I confessed that I fell off the wagon, and had been fighting Republicans over on some forum over that "Magic Negro" song. Granted, it is crazy of me to even bother to do that, but at least I know, there is little chance of accomplishing anything -- but for blowing off steam -- and ending up even more agitated, after. But back to the guy who wrote that alleged parody song; Shanklin? I mean, doesn't he know how really bad he is? I am not even talking the politics here, I am saying flat out this guy must be quite insane if he thinks he has any talent.

I am back on the topic of him as today I listened to just a little bit of his newest hit (on the GOP Pop-Parody charts, I guess): "Banking Queen." Not only much in the same way that his voice in "Magic Negro," was allegedly supposed to be that of Al Sharpton, and misses that by a country mile, he is supposed to be imitating Barney Frank in "Banking Queen." And this time he misses the mark by one hundred country miles. Good grief. This guy is to vocal impersonations what that 'guy who butchered She Bangs' on American Idol is to the world of lounge singers.

Stink. Phew. Don't give up your day job. But in this weird case, Shanklin is basically subsidized. I mean, would anyone know about this guy but for Rush Limbaugh's patronage? Weird stuff, indeed. And as far as the weird people who say they find his stuff funny goes? Beyond the being crazy liars part, I should be more specific, and I say that it is a weird variant of conformation bias. Apparently what this Shanklin dude does is he packages some Republican approved stereotype, insult, target, and/or buzzword, and repackages it, and sells it right back to the Republicans, who believe that shit already.

It is the lowest form of humor. It basically works as follows:

"Hen-hen. That man insulted somebody I don't like. So he must be a funny guy. Hen-hen."

At one point last night I was thinking about a more striking way of describing the relationship between real comedy, and Shanklin's shit. My mind landed on the following. The difference between real comedy, done by actually talented comedians, to Shanklin's shit, is like the difference between making love with your lover, and getting a hand job from a bored crack ho.

Ya. I know what you are thinking. But there are people out there who actually enjoy getting hand jobs from bored crack hos.

And my reply to that is,"That is exactly my point."


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