Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sean Hannity Proves What I've Been Saying for Years. They Use the Same Words, but it's Not the Same Language.

I know I have said it here, in the past. I have for a long time believed that Republicans use the same words those of us chained to reality, the rules and customs of English Language Usage, and dictionary meanings do, but it really is not the same language. And Sean Hannity tacitly admits that, sorta back handed, but follow me here.

In the new incarnation of the former Hannity and Colmes show, Hannity has this (really dinky, juvenile) recurring segment called "Liberal Translation." Now according to him, it is the place where they tell people what liberals "Really Mean," when they speak.

From my POV, the truth is really about 180 degrees away, on the compass. It is a stark and clear example of how Republicans don't speak English, as those of us actually fluent in the language do. Here is how the insanity and lie works. Hannity's staff takes a video of some Democrat, and chop it up in chunks. They inter cut the actual words said in English, words spoken in mind of their clear plain dictionary meanings, and suggest their alternative meanings for the textbook literal actual English Language custom and usage meanings.

Now I will admit, it is sort of an exaggeration to say that using Hannity's filter is every bit, every time as delusionally inaccurate as to say that when Joe said,"The dog is on the back porch," he actually meant,"The socialist revolution starts at 12pm tomorrow, EST."

But to be honest, I am only exaggerating just a small bit here. They are so unhinged from reality and employ the partisan curve ball, bullshit, and out right lies so easily that they might as well be as off the wall as the made up example I provided above.

Now my last remark might seem a little tangential but where are all the Republicans who can play chess? How come they can't see past their own noses?

Anyway . . .


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