Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hey. I Got Artistically Creative. Woo That.

My yet untitled Inaugration themed sonnet.

(I was trying to rip one off in under half an hour, but honestly it took me closer to 35 minutes. I am slipping in my skills, in my old age.)

When History's old debts are way past due,
The Fates may force the deficit be paid
Although resistance shall be met, tis true,
But only to the Gods, the Fates give way

Reason's light engulfed by those derranged,
Holding out against enlightenment
But as the Furies' choice was change, arranged,
And so are Anti reason's forces rent.

Not to say the vanquished will depart,
But for a time their voices shall be weak
And while their bootless cries ring in the dark,
Their own rebirth, but not reform, they seek.

But for now Reason's friends and allies cheer
For our successes bless the brand new year.

(Ya, I went for the slant rhyme there. I usually do that at least once, per Elizabethen Form Sonnet.)


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