Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Which is Worse? The Mere Fact Them Damn Republicans Got Away With Playing the Race Card (By Accusing Sen. Obama of Playing it), or the Why?

Clearly it is the WHY that is worse.

I mean, seriously! These are Republicans. What would be a NEW LOW for anyone else, for them is just another notch on their slime-gun belts.

Let's get to the why that particular shit worked, and apparently well.

No, before THAT, let me remind you of what I have been saying here, for as long as I have been posting here. There are far too many people in this country who's understanding of issues concerning race and racism is only this deep:

They Understand It is BAD to be Called a Racist.

Apparently I have not been telling you all enough. Not only do these weak peeps get that, but apparently there is a dimension I have failed to realize, fully, until I read this article over on Salon:

McCain is race-baiting smartly

The big eye-opening observation in this article is so FREAKING OBVIOUS one has to be as "Out of touch with overly-if-not-totally-clueless as to the reality of race issues, white Americans," not to have got it, the second the McCainiacs themselves dealt the race card from the bottom of the deck.

Here is the money shot (and it is a quote bit, within the article):

Add to this literature the brilliant insight by Adam Serwer over at the American Prospect about how whites respond to allegations or insinuations of racism. "In a dispute about race, the McCain campaign knows it will end up with the larger half," Serwer argues. "For the most part, most white people's experience with race isn't one of racial discrimination. They can only relate to racial discrimination in the abstract. What white people can relate to is the fear of being unjustly accused of racism. This is the larger half. This is why allegations of racism often provoke more outrage than actual racism, because most of the country can relate to one (the accusation of racism) easier than the other (actual racism). For this reason, in a political conflict over race, the McCain campaign has the advantage, because saying the race card has been played is actually the ultimate race card."

When I read this I wanted to howl out loud in frustration and rage, as I can not recall the last time I read a simple paragraph that was so obviously true, and at the same time sobering, depressing, and confirmed my worst suspicions about America and its (majority of) people.

I am going to do something I rarely if ever have done on this blog.
I am going to quote the Bible.

Here goes.

"Jesus wept."


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