Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Surge Was Responsible For the Drop in Violence? Not So Much. My Short Case, McCain is Too Stupid, Dishonest, or Both, to Be President . . .

Let us step back in time, only a year:

2007 August 25 Saturday.

The UN International Organization for Migration detects a huge acceleration in the rate of displacement. The Iraqi Red Crescent Organization believes the number of displaced has more than doubled to over 1 million so far in 2007.

The latest National Intelligence Estimate of the US government's intelligence agencies finds that areas where ethnic cleansing is most advanced experience less violence.

Ethnic Cleansing In Iraq Means Less Violence.

And I go into redundancy mode here. This is from a year ago.

So if The Old Man thinks the surge itself is what caused the violence to go down, and is blind to the other factors (like the fact that Iraq is fairly Ethnically Squeaky clean, well, fairly close to it, sector by sector, or 'hood by 'hood, how ever the division is found in various places), he is both a damned liar and too stupid to be leader of a score of toy soldiers, leave alone Our Nation. JMO.

Edit to add. NOT JMO:

I just found this. Here is one Iraqi journalist showing us how things really are in Beautiful post-surge Baghdad. BTW. What is the Arabic word for Balkanization? I swear I was going to use the B word when I first posted the original parts, here, and backed off. Damn. Had it right in my head. Now I have the proof; well I have the video, at least.


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