Saturday, August 02, 2008

(Not that Republicans are Known for Respecting the Actual Meanings of Words and Phrases . . .)

I wish there were a clearer, neater, more-obvious-when-spindled-or-mutilated meaning for the phrase, "Playing the Race Card." I repeat (and have said so, ad naus., on this blog, for years) that these Republicans are constantly and historically intentionally trying to change (perception of) reality by raping the English Language. In any event, I have been analysing the Sen. Obama comment, by logical and practical standards, for its fair or not characterization as,"Playing the Race Card."

It is so obviously false, that I will resort to mockery and farce to make my point.

Now Sen. Obama was talking about how his face looks.

Forget the fawk about merely talking about how his face looks.


If that is not the most blatant example of Playing The Race Card, running around all day, 24/7/365 with that face, well? He is clearly out of line, doing that. Running around with that face. It's his face that is injecting race into this campaign!


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