Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why NO AMERICANS (save them that actually did the fighting bleeding and dying) Should Be Proud of What Happened In IRAQ.

Again I stress this part up front; I am giving all due respect to those who did the fighting. I am, however, not talking about the nuts and bolts, boots on the ground, side of war. I am talking politics. I am talking geopolitical strategy and initiatives, and results. And with that in mind, I say as follows:

For America as a nation, as a people, as a political agent on this planet, to be proud of the tenuous gains in Iraq makes as much logical and deserving sense as???

My best analogy?

It makes as much sense as a firefighter being proud about putting out the fire . . . that he deliberately started in the first damn place!

Getting Iraq to the point where Al Qada in Iraq ™ is now contained, if not seriously whupped, means only that Iraq's status as a state not under significant threat from Al Qada in Iraq ™ is almost nearly, but not quite exactly truly back to 2002 levels; back to before the Third I.D. crossed the frontier. It is more like . . . we can see a day when that is almost reality, than it is, we are back to the good old days, when we only had domestic thugs to deal with, and they were running the damn country.

And I said it before, and I will say it again, personally, I do not think the removal of Saddam was worth one American's life. So sorry, don't try to sell me that shit, as if it were such a good result to risk loss of one American's life, leave alone thousands.

We (as a nation, more fully) broke an already broken nation of Iraq. And Iraq is far from fixed yet.

Don't believe the hype.


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