Monday, July 28, 2008

Do They Have The Slightest Idea How They Look?

Scots Poet Robbie Burns said it best, when he said it thusly:

"Oh wad the gift He ge us. To see ourselves as others see us."

Well what did you expect from me? Quoting the lyrics from Michael Jackson's "Man in the mirror?"

Anyway, the point today is, do these peeps have the slightest clue how they look to the rest of us? I mean these republicans. Gimmie a break!

Let's first pick on the ka-ray-zee old man, Sen. McCain.

He challenges Sen. Obama to go to Iraq, only to criticize him for it after he does it.

This comes after saying that he would not allow lobbyists in his campaign, only to lie when caught. Oh and remember when he said he was not gonna run a negative campaign? Oh ya, but now he is saying Sen. Obama would rather win an election than a war.

Well, we know ka-ray-zee old man Sen. McCain doesn't seem too interested in either.

SERIOUSLY! I mean that.

Beyond that . . . Robert Novak has a brain tumor (poor bastard). At least he has an excuse for the past how many months if not years of his life. Hell, that might get him off for running down that old homeless guy with his Porsche, last week. But say bu-buy to your driving privileges, Bobby.

And lastly Ms. Monica Goodling may no longer be my fellow member of the bar, based on the likely fallout of the DOJ report saying she broke the law.

I am not breaking out the Veuve Clicquot yet, but when the day comes that she is disbarred, I will feel a little better about being a lawyer.

Yea, baby.


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