Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ancient Egypt Goes Ghetto

Now I might be what we here in America call black (mostly because I am not white enough for it to count for anything), but I most definitely am not ghetto.

I could say that is on account of my native turf, Northern New Jersey, but we have more than our share of ghetto hood and ghetto peeps here. Thing is, above and beyond my family values, I grew up in a rather small, yet overly densely populated town, which was, when I was in high school, close to half latino/Cuban, and the next concentrations were Italian and then German. All other group of peeps accounted for less than 5% (my guess, I do not have the 1980 census figs here.)

Anyway, that was a rather long intro to my actual point, here. That is, that when ever I talk or type "Ghetto" I am playing at it.

My natural (meaning home town, regional) patois is best described as two parts "Sopranos" and one part "Salsa." The Sopranos gets the lion's share as the town's culture was still transitioning from old style mafia turf, to latino turf, as far as who ruled the streets and the town government, back then. As it is now, the current mayor is Cuban, who took over from the previous Cuban mayor, who is now our congress critter, who took over from the previous Cuban congress critter, who is now the Cuban Senator from NJ.

Again, I went on tangent, there, sorry.

But let me get back to the matter in the subject line.

As you can see a couple posts back, I have a link to a Online Hieroglyphics Translator. And I like to play with it. And one of my favorite (don't ask me why, it amuses me) ghettoisms is:

"I Will Cut You, Bitch."

This is how that would look in Hieroglyphics.


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