Thursday, May 01, 2008

This is Why I Usually Think the WORST of People. And This Lesson is Quite the Onion.

There are so many layers that can be peeled.

Ok. On Friday I was commending The Rev. Wright, based on his interview on the Bill Moyers show. And by Monday afternoon, his name was once again synonymous with the phrase,"Total nutter." Well that is what they would say in Merrie Olde Angland. Here, in the good old USA-hood? "Hebe wack."

But here is my most salient point (so say I, at least.)

If the Rev. Wright is some wacked-out, Tin-foil Hat Wearing nutter, what of


the peeps who keep on acting like this has anything really to do with Sen. Obama, beyond the whole -- throw shit, and hope it sticks -- part?

I am not at all sorry for suggesting, nay, declaring the following. If the Rev. Wright is wearing a hat made out of RenyoldsWrap, anyone who thinks that anything that he has said has the slightest bit of import to Sen. Obama and his qualifications really needs to be saying:

"Yo. Rev. Pass the roll adat foil down 'chere. I needs to block de aliens rays from my head, too. I hear them in my head. They are saying:

who gives a shit about tanking economies, and food and other markets, and wars fought more for ego than protection of the homeland. Sen. Obama's Pastor is an angry black man who says crazy things sometimes. THAT IS WHAT MATTERS. Not that a gallon of Regular Unleaded Gas is now over $4.00 a gallon, some places."

Ya. Well if you are some partisan hack and are playing some evil, nasty, scummy, shit smear of a game, for the sake of your party's fortunes, and know that this bullshit is nothing but bullshit, you don't need the RenyoldsWrap. You are not delusional, but you are a hack (don't take that for an insult, as I am a once and future professional hack, myself.)

But if you believe that shit?

Sorry. You are yourself, a Total Nutter. But don't despair. They got a pill that cures that.


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