Monday, May 19, 2008

The Party of Solipsistics (or should I just say bullshitters.)

First, the definition. And this is actually from an entry under the heading of

1. Philosophy. the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist.
2. extreme preoccupation with and indulgence of one's feelings, desires, etc.; egoistic self-absorption.

Solipsistic is the adjective form.

Now, as it were, the idea of solipsistic people had been on my mind lately, already. But the Plastic Turkey Man's perhaps deliberate misuse of the word 'appeasment' for ordinary diplomacy (talking), and the way his minions have lept to the defense of his (latest) rape of the English language, made me think that yes, to a certain degree, the GOP is a solipsistic party. Not really a new idea here (at core), as I often accuse them of raping the language to suit what ever momentary partisan hack need is at hand. This deliberate redefinition of some clearly distinct terms is yet again, part of the GOP preoccupation with their own brain farts.

Could there be any further evidence of extreme preoccupation with one's own thoughts and feelings than to consistently and habitually rewrite the meanings of words to fit one's own myopia?

Good thing they are unable to actually change actual reality. But short of that being an option, all they can do is attempt to change other's perception of reality, by changing the very language we use to describe reality.

And to think, that some people think I exaggerate when I say (them GOP Bullshitters, more than any other breed of Bullshitters) domestic bulshitters are a greater danger to our American Way of Ordered Liberty and Life, than the freaking foreign terrorists. I mean really. Do you really know what a nation-threatening culture war really looks like? It is not the substitution of elements of one culture with elements of another's. It is the perhaps slow, but steady erosion of the foundations and pillars of the social edifice. Weaken the language until the point where words have no fixed meanings, and we will have a nation of morons capable of nothing more than shouting moronic bumper sticker slogans at each other.

"It's your money. Keep it."


"Either you're with us or against us."

"What ever it takes."


"Goddless bastards."

It is witlessness run amok, so say I. Sometimes I think I already know what it is like to see a loved one fail and fall into the demention of Altzheimer's. I look at our Nation, and it seems to be doing that, right now. Thank you GOP, for your contribution to the mental retardation, if not eventual and logical demise of the Nation. (That previous line is deliberate sarcasm, I say to be clear about it.)

Last thought (before I move on to other things, today): the current debate in the land should not be whether Sen. Obama is an appeaser. Excepting for those who are illiterate or merely only semi-literate, the question is a straw man. It is a sham. It is perhaps not an example of the worst of the worst sort of partisan hack mudslinging, however -- it clearly is mudslinging (and even if Plastic Turkey Man really was just showing the world how ignorant he is, that became moot, when the minions picked up the ball and ran with it.)

The real question is this:

Why the Eff does the President of the United States, possessor of a History Degree from Yale University, and a MBA from Harvard, and leader of this country for the past seven years NOT KNOW the difference between appeasment and ordinary diplomacy?

Is the man really that ignorant?

Not a rhetorical question, that one.


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