Friday, April 04, 2008

Proven to be Correct Again (Almost.) Well, at Least it Isn't Just Me.

Interesting data and findings.

Now I am (some people have told me) too sensitive to Race Issues.Some people say I see it where it does not exist.I say, I draw the line closer than others. I do not give as much slack as others, and I do take offense to the more subtle hints and allegations (to paraphrase that song "You Can Call Me Al," from Paul Simon.) And yes. I do get aggravated, as in make me sick, aggravated, when others would not. And there is a reason why.

Subtle Racism Harasses Brain

Decoding 'Ambiguous' Prejudice Interferes With Mental Tasks
By Daniel J. DeNoon WebMD Medical News
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

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Subtle Racism Wastes Brain Power

Witnessing the blatant prejudice lowered white participants' scores on the test, but not the scores of African-American participants. However, African-American participants did much worse on the test after witnessing the ambiguous prejudice.

"Blacks are better prepared to cope with blatant prejudice than whites are, at least in terms of the short-term effects on performance of cognitive tasks," Salvatore and Shelton suggest. This, they say, is because African-Americans have experienced prejudice and have learned to deal with it, not because such prejudice is harmless.

But when African-Americans have to deal with more subtle prejudice -- prejudice that whites tend not to recognize -- it consumes mental resources.

"Targets of prejudice may experience cognitive impairment as they try to determine the cause underlying the negative events they encounter in their lives," Salvatore and Shelton conclude.

Subtle Racism Harasses Brain

Ya. So there. It is not all in my head.

Hey wait a minute. It is all in my head, but Not Only my head.


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