Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Let the 40th Anniversary of the Assasination of MLK Go by Without Comment.

Not because I was not in mind of it. I have been for weeks.

I did not know what to say.

RAGING at the the grotesque amount of ignorant (or is it just anti-empathetic) racism that still is RAMPANT in this still way-too-much-socially-segregated country, where (sorry it MUST be SAID) some of the population are still holding on to the last threads of racial privilege, and spite, and mendacity and wickedness, comes very easy to me. And I was as sorta preoccupied with that, lately. In fact, I had been fighting in the gutter, in the slime, down in the shit, with those very scumbags (on line at least. Ya. Waste of my damn time. Anyway . . . . .)

But please take a look and listen to this slideshow.

It will make you pause and think, I should hope:


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