Wednesday, April 02, 2008

How I Got My Zen Groove Back.

Well, to be honest, I am not there yet, so instead I can tell how I lost my Zen Groove.

And as you can well guess, it had something to do with the shameless racist swiftboating of Sen. Obama. Anyone who knows me well (and I do not mean all that well) knows that racist filth is the waving cape, to my bull's eyes (bulls are color blind. They don't care if the cape is red.)

So I followed the vile crap on the Net, and on the TV. I saw how shameless the republican hate machine (and the "Worse Than Mere Racist" swine who are following the plan) could get.

I mean, I knew their partisan bigotry had no limits, but I was still suprised with the sheer audacity of the attack.

And then I got sucked in. Not to diminish my own responsibility, when I say sucked in, as I choose to get down in the gutter and fight with the gutter-trash. I choose to climb into the pig-pen and wrestle the swine. And to borrow one of my favorite lines from that HBO Series, "Deadwood,"

I chose to swim in that shit.

I should not swim in that shit. I should know better (Zen apprentice, or not.)

And any distress I have caused to my self and others (save the shamless swine I was swimming in the shit with) is on me.

So let me try to get back to more of a Zen state of mind.

After all. Like I said a few posts back; either I am going to have to deal with the republican racist hate machine attacking Sen. Obama on a shameless racist angle of attack (and in doing so, risking setting back race relations in this country DECADES), or I am not gonna make it, folks.

I think I should try to make it.

Non illigitimati carborundum. All that.


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