Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brain Droppings

I am just going to toss up a few quickies today. I am just not up for complicated stuff.

STOP calling the pregnant (not really a man) alleged man, a man. Here is the requirement for being a man; must currently be an adult human BORN with a Y chromosome. If not the latter, can never be the former. Word. (Likewise, to be a woman one must be an adult human born with at least a pair of X chromosomes. If not the latter, can never be the former. Word.)

Rush Limbaugh is NOT a satirist. He is a shit bomb thrower. Some people get off on his shit. But some people actually paid money to watch Pauley Shore movies.

Ann Coulter is not a comedianne. She is a hateful hag, even if partly she is putting on an act. If she deliberately runs around acting like a hateful hag ,and does not routinely break character in public, we as the audience have every right to take her for her word, specifically as the hateful hag insists people do so. Even if Andy Kafuman was known for stretching the joke past the point of being funny, he was by trade a comedian. Coulter has never claimed that. Sow whatcha reap. All that.

Oprah needs to go . . . somewhere . . . out of sight and sound. It is not like she has done any thing particularly heinous. Too much Oprah is too much! The world needs dextox from her. Like 5 years worth at least?

Yes, damnit. John McCain is way the hell too damn old to be elected president. I mean forget partisan party loyalty. That job makes young men middle aged, and makes middle aged men old.

WTF do any of you think it is going to do to some over 70 yr old man?

Not a rhetorical question there. Answer me damnit!

There might be a sliver of a scintilla of a mere inlking of daylight between someone who is merely racially-insensitive and someone who is really sufficiently ignorant enough to be a true racist. Personally I don't have the inclination to sort between the two types of folk. Ya'll can do what ever ya'll like but I am using Horseshoe rules, myself. Close enough makes the point.

Sen. Obama is not The Messiah. He never claimed to be. Nor did his supporters say that. So STOP blaming him for not being the perfect messiah then!

No one seems to have said so. Well, except for the press corps (and the slimey pundits, as well) may have been using that label for a while. And lately they are happilly sling mud when they were tossing roses just a few weeks ago.

Oh and that leads into the next (mebbie last) nugget.

PAY NO MIND to the alleged opinions of people who:

(a) already have a partisan axe to grind, or
(b) need to stir up shit, to GET PAID, and/or
(c) all of the above.

Ok. I am done for now.

No. I am not totally done yet. I have said it before, and I will say it again. The biggest threat to America is not terrorists, or even bad government (per se), or even Brittany Spears, or what ever bimbo/douchebag who happens to be flavor of the minute.

The real true threat to our way of life, is bullshit.

Lately, I have been using either or both (in conjunction) expressions, "That is too Ghetto," or, "That is Trailer Trashy," to describe what I usually call bullshit. Same shit, different label. We need to put a lid on the bullshit, or at least tow it out to sea, and get rid of it.

(That is a metaphor, people.)


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