Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sickening! This is Just the Begining. It Will Continue for the Next Eight Months (assuming Sen. Obama is the Dem Nominee) or Maybe . . .

the next four to eight years.

And I am talking about the Republican Hate Machine and it's by now obvious racist attack on Sen. Obama.

I could go long here, but I will instead take a cue from that somewhat famous quote from Michelle Obama. She might have spoken too soon (even if I get why she said it) about how it is now a good time for being proud to be an American (based on how well received her husband's candidacy was received.)

But now that the genuine racists of the GOP, and/or those who are at least if not at most so sickening in their partisan bigotry that they are dead-set on attacking Sen. Obama on account of his race with racist-tinged attacks, have come out of the closet, I am prepared to be sick for a long, long time.

Maybe most of America is actually ready for the possible reality of a black president.

But many are not. And many are disgusting enough and so lacking in decency that even if they might not act as racist in their day to day life, they are willing to play that shit, if it advances their partisan political bigotry. Just my opinion, I don't see much of a difference between someone who is a racist 24/7 and one who only turns on that shit when it convienent for their partisan political goals to start spewing that shit. Either way, racist shit is being spewed.

So yes I am sick. And yes, I am not all that proud to be an American right now.

Those people are that sickening, and I know it is not going to go away.


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