Sunday, March 16, 2008

On Strike, Once Again

Seems to come up like every three or so months.

No, I do not mean like a WORK strike; this is a personal matter.

Every three or so months for the past two (more?) years, it has become necessary for me to have to go on strike with a particular person. Strike, meaning -- all bets, deals, promises (well most at least, I do try to maintain core, discrete loyalty) are off. I am free to do what the hell ever I want.

Well not exactly.

Reason I go out on strike is becuase I NEVER get to do what I exactly want. If too many weeks or months go by with out me getting something resembling respect, if no actual human consideration, is given, I go on strike. I consider my dilema, when I have gone too long with out human consideration as . . . holding the bag.

So what I do is if I have gone way too long being left holding the bag, is I metaphorically Drop the Friggin Bag.

That is as much as I have to say right about now.


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