Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama Stuck With Lemons; Makes a Sweet Pitcher of Lemonade . . .

I think so, that his speech did a lot to not only stem the damage from the "Swift Boating" by proxy over manufactured scandal over outrageous remarks, well cherry picked for maximum damage, by his former "Streetcorner Preacher," The Rev. Wright, but was inspiring.

I can only hope his detractors will study well the speech, and see the message that is there. Racism and race-featuring problems in America are not merely a matter of "Them People's" problem, or "We People's" problem. It is All America's problem.

I am not brain-dead though. I know there will be some number of stubborn partisan hypocrites who would rather continue to play the game of partisan race baiting and make themselves part of the continuing problem, instead of part of a coming solution.

Sad, that is.


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