Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let's Give Armageddon a Chance.

Between the Pastor Hagee endorsement, and the just floated possibility of Joe Lieberman as Sec. Def. in a McCain admin, I am thinking that if it should ever so happen, that McCain becomes POTUS, I might as well rack up much more debt, at even worse interest rates, as WW III can't be far away.

First, let us consider Pastor Hagee.

Shit. I started typing a bunch there and deleted it.

This crank pot says he is a defender of Israel, despite the fact he believes in Evangelical-Flavored End Times Prophesy, which says that Israel is slated to be destroyed . . . . as has been prophesized. But wait. It gets worse. He is on record of saying he wants the USA to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran, just in case they really mean to attack Israel . . . and of course a pre-emptive strike against Iran will unify all of the Arab States to throw everything they got at Israel, destroying Israel. (See how messed up this stuff is?)

That is bad enough, and I could go longer with these Biblically Based Foreign Policy Advocates, I will stop there and move on to Joe Lieberman. Now yes I did vote for him that one time, but that was before I knew he was freaking nutz. But the idea of him being Sec Def.?

McCain/Liebeman. Twice the senility, twice the fun. Twice the chances of seeing if not you own ass blown away in the next 3 years, large tracts of the planet will be transfromed from living desert, to radioactive wasteland. I am no expert on Biblical Prophesy, but for the fact I do not belive in one word of it. I do not believe in magic. However, I believe in science and technology and I believe the experts are right in saying that Israel likely has at least 100 good nukes. Oh and I did some reading on their latest Missle System: the Jericho II. Them puppies will hit the intended targets, I bet. They have American designed guidance systems.

So if you wanted to make that pilgrimage to the holy land, better get there soon.

And hey. Why is that one piece of dirt the holy land. I thought God was everywhere?


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